Classic Apple Pie

apple pie 2

As I mentioned earlier this week, I went to Julian last weekend and had the opportunity to go apple-picking. The apples you find in early September aren’t quite ripened to their full potential, but that makes them slightly tangy and perfect for apple pie. I usually make my apple pie with granny smith apples, but […]

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Chocolate Brownie Cookies

chocolate brownie cookies

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’ll probably understand what I mean when I say that I made these cookies out of an inexplicable, ever-so-persisting craving for something sweet and chocolatey. For me, chocolate is that addicting. I’m scared to imagine what withdrawals to it would be like. Let’s hope that never needs to happen. […]

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Rustic Raspberry Cream Pie

rustic raspberry cream pie

I love how us food bloggers have adapted the word “rustic” to our vocabulary and used it as a way of making our foods look purposely undone. Imagine if I had called this dessert “Messy Raspberry Cream Pie.” Who would attempt that recipe? I already have enough messy dishes to wash in my kitchen without […]

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Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream

Something about chocolate makes it so undoubtedly good; good for your taste buds, good for your health (i.e. dark chocolate), and unequivocally good for your soul. Whenever I have chocolate, I can’t help but think of those Dove chocolate bar commercials where there are smooth pools of milky chocolate and the model in the ad […]

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